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Mask size: small/medium

90 Day NoStench® Guarantee

  • Each NoStench® Face Mask is unconditionally guaranteed against stench caused from bacterial growth for a full 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • If at any time during the 90 day period the NoStench® Face Mask stinks, it can be returned for a full refund.*
  • 100% machine washable 

Ultra High Quality: NoStench® Face Masks are made with the highest quality materials and construction for the height of effectiveness and durability.  Simply the best face mask available. 

Detailed Science: The amazing NoStench® Face Mask is factory treated with the same revolutionary long lasting Everest™ antimicrobial technology that uses a physical kill of microbes NOT poisons. The factory treatment forms a nano-scale biostatic layer throughout the mask materials. This protection is invisible and can’t be felt. It consists of millions of carbon-based nano-spikes that self-assemble in layers (see Fig 1) and bond covalently and intertwine with the mask structure. Each nano-spike is made up of a carbon shaft with a nitrogen molecule at it’s base. The positively charged nitrogen interacts with the negatively charged bacteria/mold/mildew/fungus like a magnet that draws it down onto the carbon spike. The result is a physically ruptured or “stabbed” odor causing bacteria that can’t survive – or adapt to become resistant. Bacteria cannot get established within the NoStench® Face Mask. That is how it remains free of the foul odors bacteria cause! The nano-spikes are very durable and will remain viable and protect the mask materials from bacterial contamination for at least 90 days – no matter how many times it is used or washed.


*It is necessary to adequately wash the mask after extended use. Physical particles left on the mask can support bacteria growth that may cause odor, but the mask material itself is protected from odor causing bacterial growth.

**This treated item does not impart pesticide or antimicrobial properties to other surfaces.

***Wearing this face mask does not guarantee protection against airborne bacteria, germs, or viruses, or any specific illness or disease.