NoStench™ Utility Scrubbing Pad
Heavy duty scrubbing pad
that stays fresh

$ 5.95

100% PLUS Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with our products, simply return the empty bottle or used product for a full refund. We will issue a prompt full refund PLUS for your trouble we will send you a FREE Microfiber cloth or Antibacterial Sponge

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Start protecting your family today. Stop using traditional scrubbing pads that begin to smell within a few days of use.

NoStench™ Utility Scrubbing Pads are more durable than the typical cleaning sponge and perfect for heavier use. One side has soft microfiber cloth for wiping, the other side a thick microfiber mesh for scratch-less scrubbing. Best of all, these scrubbing pads come factory treated by Everest Microbial Defense™ with a proprietary non-toxic antimicrobial product that provides protection from odors caused by harmful bacteria, mold or mildew for the life of the product.

Maximize your savings by starting a subscription for these NoStenchScrubbing Pads. SUBSCRIPTIONS ALWAYS SHIP FREE. Use it, use it, use it and know that it won't allow bacteria to spoil it (or make it smell) and that a fresh one will be delivered every 60 days.



* This treated item does not impart pesticide or antimicrobial properties to other surfaces.

INSTRUCTIONS: USE THIS ITEM NORMALLY in your routine cleaning of household surfaces. Rinse well and let air dry between uses. NoStench™ Utility Scrubbing Pads can be washed in dishwasher or laundry without losing their antimicrobial properties.

A recent study by an independent research lab confirmed that our treated products were able to kill 99.9% of 22,000,000 colony forming units (cfu) of live e.coli bacteria in 1 hour. By the 4 hour mark, 99.99999% of the e.coli had been killed. This protection lasts as long as the scrubbing pad. Each NoStench Utility Scrubber is unconditionally GUARANTEED to NOT stink for 90 days.

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Heavy duty scrubbing pad
that stays fresh" /> Based on 3 reviews Write a review