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Our exclusive Everest Microbial Defense™ treated Microfiber Floor Mop Pads are the perfect addition to your home cleaning team. Save time and money over using expensive grocery store mops and their costly disposable pads. These durable, high quality microfiber mop pads will last through dozens of washings and they are factory treated with Everest's own EV360™ anti-microbial protection - which means they will not lose their ability to prevent bacteria or mold growth AND they will not turn sour and smell up your closet!

Use them over and over again, and when they are dirty just throw them in the laundry and let them dry. They will be ready to tackle your dirty floors all over again & they will continue to resist germs, mold or mildew that make them smell.

Antimicrobial Floor Mop Pads are available in three varieties: 

(1) Microfiber Fringe Dust Pad is the ultimate choice for floor dusting and is designed to use daily to keep those dust bunnies at bay. It grabs and holds on to dust, dander, pet hair, and spider webs without releasing them back into the environment. It is good for use on all floor types. 

Product Features
500gsm Microfiber
300g/m2 Polyester Velcro


(2) Microfiber Wet Mop Pad. It has good absorbency, and scrubbing capabilities,  and because it is a Everest™ treated product it will resist the odors caused by bacteria and mold / mildew.  It attaches to the mop hardware via velcro, and can be removed and laundered hundreds of times. This mop pad is different than most mop pads on the market because it is constructed with 4 heavy duty layers, where the competition uses two layers with a foam inner. Layer one is the microfiber twist mop material, layer two is a non-woven polyester inner, layer three is a stiff polypropylene inner, and layer four is the polyester velcro backing. The polyester non-woven inner is much more durable than the competitions thin foam layer. The polypropylene stiffener layer resists shrinkage, so that the pad can keep its shape over hundreds of wash and dry cycles. 

Product Features
450gsm Microfiber Screwfiber
300g/m2 Black Polyester Velcro


(3) Microfiber Chenille Wet and Dry Dust Mop Pad. It has excellent absorbency, scrubbing, and dusting capabilities. It attaches to the mop hardware via velcro, and can be removed and laundered hundreds of times. The extra long fingers are good for soaking up spills. We also recommend this microfiber mop pad for mopping floors with deep texture, and getting into tile grout lines. (can be used dry or wet)

Product Features
1500gsm  Microfiber Chenille
300g/m2 Black Polyester Velcro

If you don't already have the mop hardware (frame and handle), order the full Everest Microbial Defense™ Microfiber Mop Starter Kit separately.  It has the hardware and all three types of EV360™ treated pads.

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