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The Problem:  Even the best disinfectants do NOTHING to prevent future contamination.  Your “clean” surface gets re-contaminated as soon as someone touches it!  Standard cleaning & disinfecting practices attempt to control microbes, mold and mildew by using chemicals that poison and kill the microbes. We clean the dirty surfaces around us on a regular basis with these harsh and dangerous chemicals, and those surfaces don't stay disinfected or free from damaging microbes for long. 

The Everest™ Solution: EV360™ Antimicrobial Protectant provides 360° of revolutionary surface protection with an invisible microbiostatic coating that protects the surface it is applied to against damaging microbes for up to 90 days*! With EV360™ Antimicrobial spray - your surfaces continue to be protected!

*When used properly according to application instructions.



After home was cleaned.


Exposed to normal use.


Detailed Science:  The physical kill is accomplished by EV360™ forming a microbiostatic layer on treated surfaces. This layer is invisible and can’t be felt. It consists of millions of carbon-based nano-spikes that self assemble in layers (see Fig 1) and bond covalently with the surface.  Each nano-spike is made up of a carbon shaft with a nitrogen molecule at it’s base. The positively charged nitrogen interacts with the negatively charged microbes like a magnet that draws it down onto the carbon spike.  The result is a physically ruptured or “stabbed” microbe that can’t survive – or adapt to become resistant. That is how EV360™ effectively protects from FUTURE contamination! The nano-spikes are very durable and stay bonded to the surface through touching, cleaning and normal use.  When properly applied they will even withstand cleaning with straight bleach and continue to protect.

Self assembling molecules physically kill germs on contactFig 1. Self assembled layers of the active ingredient attach to all available bonding sites, leaving a ‘forest’ of molecules that extend from the treated surface, preventing adhesion of microbes at interface, and causing a physical disruption of membrane function which causes bacterial cell death.


EV360™ can be applied to virtually any surface.  To maximize the future protection each time you use it, we recommend following our simple 4 step Everest Protection System™

  1. Disinfect: Clean surfaces and disinfect with SmartTouch® (or equivalent)
  2. Protect: Mist spray EV360™ evenly over clean surface & let dry
  3. Live Protected: Maintain treated surfaces with normal cleaning. Use Everest™ Pre-treated Sponges & Microfiber Cloths (included in the kit) for great chemical free cleaning (the surface is protected – all you need to do is clean away the visible mess).
  4. Re-apply: In about 90 days, just clean the surface and re-apply EV360™

Use to protect these surfaces and more: 

* door knobs * hand rails * counter tops * light switches * bath tubs * sinks * shower stalls * faucets * toilets (especially flush handle!) * shower curtains * drawer pulls * shoes & sandals * tv remote * cell phone * refrigerator handles * steering wheel * deck furniture * boat interior & exterior * house siding * decks & fences * anywhere!


Use EV360 Antimicrobial Spray to prevent mold & mildew on surfaces

Did you know? 

EV360™ protects against microbes, including fungus, mold, and mildew that can grow and ruin your property by discoloration, staining and odors.

Each application will keep the mold and mildew from returning for up to 90 days! 

Break the cycle of mold / scrubbing / mold / scrubbing / mold / scrubbing...Make it easy on yourself!

Use EV360 today and forget about it for up to 3 months. When it is time to re-apply, simply wipe the surface down (no scrubbing necessary) and re-apply EV360. It really is that simple!

  • EV360™ Antimicrobial Surface Protectant Spray (32oz)
  • 24 Hour Defense™ Foaming Hand Purifier Travel Size (1.7oz)
  • NoStench™ Laundry Shield (6oz)
  • NoStench™ Kitchen Sponge
  • NoStench™ Treated Microfiber Cloth - Small (12"x12")

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