Everest Microbial Defense™ is excited to launch our new online store.  You can find the store at www.everestantimicrobial.com  We have some fantastic new products to show you as well as our already popular items.  

The exciting NEW items in the store are Everest™ Utility Scrubbing Pads - if you like the Everest™ Sponges, you will love the Utility Scrubber!  Great for the heavier scrubbing jobs around the house but soft enough to use on your delicate surfaces as well.  There is also the new Everest™ Microfiber Floor Mop.  This is a premium household floor mop that has 3 different factory treated Everest™ microfiber mop pads (Fringed Dust Pad, Wet Mop Pad & Chenille Mop Pad) so you can say good bye to stinky mops for good!

The last of the new items is perhaps the most exciting.  We are introducing Laundry Shield™ by Everest™.  This product is specially formulated for protecting your laundry from the harmful effects of bacteria, mold, mildew and the odors that they may cause. Each bottle will effectively treat 16 full loads of laundry, and protect that laundry for 90 days - regardless of how many times it is laundered during that time!  If you have ever washed a load of laundry and forgotten to move it from the washing machine to the dryer and were greeted with a smelly, mildewy load that you need to re-wash - then Laundry Shield™ by Everest™ is exactly what you need.  Homeowner tested - one customer put it to the ultimate laundry test.  She treated her laundry with Laundry Shield™ by Everest™, washed it again, then took the wet clothes out of the wash and put them in a rubber tote with a lid - for a week!  When she took the lid off she was greeted by the smell of freshly cleaned clothes NOT sour mildew smells!  Try it for yourself and you too will be amazed.


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